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Celestial Conquest - Celtic Fireworks

Celestial Conquest - Celtic Fireworks

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This 36 shot firework barrage from Celtic Fireworks is packed with siver tails to white stobe effect that really light up the night sky. Another high quality firework to our collection.



Product Note Price
Martian Invader - Klasek Fireworks Martian Invader - Klasek Fireworks
Chorlton Fireworks recommends this barrage. £75.00 *
China Star - Celtic Fireworks China Star - Celtic Fireworks
Other recommended fireworks £40.00 *
Chemical Romance - Celtic Fireworks Chemical Romance - Celtic Fireworks
Chorlton Fireworks recommends this barrage. £45.00 *
Colourful Crossette Colourful Crossette
Other recommended fireworks £15.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
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