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Pyroshow Blue mine to blue stars with red strobe is another new firework to our semi pro range. Stunning colours and large bursts. 

£30.00 *

can be shipped within 5 days


A fantastic pack of 5 rockets. A best seller in 2013 and sure to be in 2014.  These 1.3g rockets pack a real puch and will not disappoint. 

£25.00 *

Earth Tremor Roman candles From Emperor Fireworks are now in stock they are 1.3g and pack a real punch.

Old price £15.00
£10.00 *
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Hong Kong Candles from Celtic Fireworks are now in stock. Available in a number of effects with 10 shots each.

£3.49 *

Boogie Roman Candle from Celtic Fireworks is a brilliant low noise firework full of great effects.

Old price £12.99
£10.00 *
You save 23 %