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Beast Of East New Years Eve Package

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Another new firework package exclusive to our fireworks shop. Hand picked by us here at Chorlton Fireworks, this pack includes some of the best from the Celtic Fireworks range which includes the compound firework Beast Of The East. This is 4 fireworks prefused together so you only have to light it once. Once lit it will fire the first firework which in turm will light the the second one and so on untill all the fireworks have fired. Perfect for New Years Eve

Dont miss out as this is sure to be a fast seller. Videos are only to give you an idea of the firework effects and never do the fireworks justice. All are much better in the flesh.





Product Note Price
Boneshaker From Mars Pyrotechnics Boneshaker From Mars Pyrotechnics
Other recommended fireworks £110.00 *
Brocade Crown & Blue Mine - JW409 Brocade Crown & Blue Mine - JW409
Other recommended fireworks for sale £70.00 *
Brocade War From Klasek Fireworks Brocade War From Klasek Fireworks
Chorlton Fireworks recommends this loud firework barrage. £70.00 *
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