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Compound Fireworks Collection

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This compound firework collection pack contains 9 large powerful fireworks that means your able to have a full on long duration firework display with only 9 items to light. Perfect for large garden firework parties or private venues holding firework displays. With a great mix of effects and colours these fireworks in this pack will be a winner with all the family, friends and geusts. Each compound firework contains a number of fireworks pre fused together so you only have to light it once and it will fire each in turn apart from Legend firework as that one fires all 3 fireworks together, a great firework to finish on.  


Product Note Price
Punch Fire Firework Pack Punch Fire Firework Pack
Punch fire fireworks for sale £350.00 *
Heavy Hitter - Primed Pyrotechnics Heavy Hitter - Primed Pyrotechnics
A great set of Primed fireworks mines £80.00 *
Star Enforcer Pack 1.3g Fireworks Star Enforcer Pack 1.3g Fireworks
Other recommended fireworks rockets £59.99 *
Stealth Rising - Celtic Fireworks Stealth Rising - Celtic Fireworks
Chorlton Fireworks recommends this barrage. £46.00 *
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