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Dum Bum Mini Fan barrage from Klasek Fireworks is now in stock at Manchester's No1 fireworks shop. Quality fireworks from professionals.

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£49.99 *
You save 17 %


Big Mamma firework from Celtic Fireworks is packed with great colours and firework effects. Buy fireworks online or instore.

Old price £89.99
£79.99 *
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Big Daddy from Celtic Fireworks is now in stock at the No1 firework shop. Buy fireworks online or instore. 

Old price £110.00
£100.00 *
You save 9 %

Bedazzled from Celtic Fireworks is now in stock. Stunning effects. Fireworks for sale online or in our fireworks shop.

Old price £63.00
£55.00 *
You save 13 %

Beat Thy Neighbour from Brothers Fireworks is now in stock the No1 Firework Shop in Manchester. 

Old price £120.00
£110.00 *
You save 8 %