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Viv100cp-001 Vivid Compound Firework

Viv100cp-001 Vivid Compound Firework

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A powerful new compound firework for 2019/20 packed with a 100 shots. Large sky filling effects from this firework with a duration of at least 2 minutes. A great firework to add to your fireworks party collection. 






Product Note Price
Bobr From Klasek Fireworks Bobr From Klasek Fireworks
A great firework from Klasek with punchy effects and great colours £90.00 *
Brexit Fan Firework -Celtic Fireworks Brexit Fan Firework -Celtic Fireworks
An awesome instant fire firework £30.00 *
Chase Me - Celtic Fireworks Chase Me - Celtic Fireworks
A new firework from Celtic. Chase me has amazing colours and a great finale £90.00 *
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