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Compound Fireworks

Compound Fireworks

Compound Fireworks

Compound fireworks are multiple fireworks secured together on a board and pre fused to allow you to have a spectacular firework display with a great duration with one light. Once lit the fireworks will fire in turn one after each other in sequence. Compound fireworks are great as you do not need to keep returning to fireworks to keep lighting each one individually as such they also reduce the level of risk. 

With such a large range of Compound fireworks on the UK market which vary in size and effects there is something for everybody. We stock a great range of Cat 2 Compound Fireworks as well as a large range of more powerful Cat 3 compound fireworks

Each year we search for more new compound fireworks to add to our ever growing exclusive range. This year we are adding at least 5 new compounds.






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Grounds For Divorce Firework

£150.00 *
Old price £169.99
You save 12 %

Noisy Neighbours - Absolute Fireworks

£150.00 *
Old price £159.99
You save 6 %

Beat Thy Neighbour From Brothers Fireworks

£110.00 *
Old price £120.00
You save 8 %

Fireworks Show 200 - Klasek Fireworks

£300.00 *
Old price £299.99
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